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The estimated cost of dental.

Hello my Friends.

Analysing requests of users to Google search engine I have found that the most important information for them is especially prices of dental services. It is about 70% of the whole amount of requests related to dentistry. The list of requests somehow contained the word “cost” impressed me by the variety of combinations. And this is predictable. I will give you like an example a short list of these expressions:

dental implant cost

tooth implant cost

dentures cost

teeth veneers cost

veneers cost

cost of full mouth dental implants

dental costs

dental charges

veneers price

dental implants cost the UK

how much do dental implants cost

teeth whitening cost

tooth extraction cost

dentist prices

how much do veneers cost

tooth implant cost the UK

Fewer questions were about “Dental services near me” (also predictable – “time is money”) and almost no requests about the quality of treatment which is sad...

This was a small induction in my current article. People mostly bother estimating costs in Dental services. And I am definitely here to help you to explain how to save your time and money.

I will not talk here about average costs and common prices like crown and veneer prices, porcelain implants and dentures prices. You can easily find this information in price lists any local clinics or price comparison of “clinics near me” and our “foreign” clinic here: We will talk here about the opportunity to receive an individual free estimated treatment plan which will include time frames and all prices for your person only.

I suspect that 90% of local, Britain’s people will stop reading this article when understanding that this article is about an opportunity to treat their teeth abroad. I immediately would like to prevent it because right now we are talking about a good chance to save your money here in the UK without any travelling. And now I will explain to you how to do it.

When local people go to private local clinics with some kind of problem almost all of them will do the next steps:

1. Register you in their clients Data Base. (£0-50)

2. Make the first consultation.


3. Make a regular or panoramic X-ray. (£10-40)

4. Prepare a treatment plan estimate.


Total: £80-390

By following my offer, you will save £60-350. The only cost that you should spend is a Panoramic Dental X-Ray! That’s it! (What is Panoramic radiography X-Ray you can read in my previous article here:

Why you should spend money in case estimation is Free? Because we are not psychics and can’t threat remotely. And only is one the easiest way to do it by providing us with this kind of examination. All the rest steps are Free!

More than that… You will not have any obligation to use our services! We don’t yearn a penny on this action!

Just do a Panoramic X-Ray in any local Dental clinic and we will give you a detailed treatment plan estimate including time frames. You decide what to do next. Where to treat in case you decide to fix your problems or at least you will receive a professional medical conclusion of your dental health and you could estimate your budget and time.

After that you willing to say us than you and go your own way or start a negotiation with our agent regarding plan a trip to Moldova.

Here is a real example one of our clients’s described by me Dental Estimated costs:

So, let me once more summarise what is my offer:

1. Make a Panoramic X-Ray in any of local clinic.

3. In two - three days you will receive Treatment plan estimation.

4. It is your choice to decide what to do next.

My friends, I am happy in case this article was useful for you. Please leave your comments questions and critic here.

And don’t forget: “Your health is the best investment you can make”



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