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About us


Welcome to our website!


We are happy to present to you “GC TRAVEL" a United Kingdom-based company licensed under the laws of Great Britain.


Our team of highly qualified professionals brings to you a new direction in medical tourism, the Republic of Moldova. We are confident that you will be very impressed by the professionalism of our experts and the quality of the rendered services.


Moldova has become famous for its level of health education, and the medical universities have enjoyed huge popularity in Europe and the Middle. Over the past few decades, professionalism, innovation and service quality in healthcare have made Moldova a highly competitive option of the leading clinics in Europe.


The mission of our company is to provide the interface between you and the medical, dental and beauty clinics that suit your unique needs. We arrange all aspects of your visits to the best clinics available in the Republic of Moldova. "GC Travel" will only work with the best private health institutions of Moldova, ensuring the highest quality treatments, with complete customer satisfaction as our priority! We use an individual approach to each client, ensuring that requirements and preferences are met in each particular service selected.


Our pricing policy reflects the relatively recent of Moldova as a new destination for medical tourism.

Your health is the best investment you can make.

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