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Rural Tours


Rural tourism in Moldova sees its brisk deployment, with new households ready to receive tourists established year by year. All this is possible because Moldova has managed to preserve its originality and peculiar lifestyle able to express its rich culture, customs and rites of the nations residing in this country.


Rural tourism complexes are mainly represented by households run on the basis of ordinary peasant houses. Despite the seeming obsoleteness of a house, visitors are sure to enjoy all necessary facilities: heating, comfortable furniture, bathroom. The hosts are going to pay all efforts for their guests to get familiar with the lifestyle of Moldovan nationals, to lead a country life without the slightest inconvenience. Therefore, houses are connected to the Internet, telephone communications and satellite TV – everything modern people are so accustomed.


Guests are mainly served dishes of national cuisine using mainly foodstuffs grown and bred by peasants within their households: vegetable, fruit, dairy, meat. As a rule, households are located on shores of water pools and therefore one may pastime while fishing, rowing a boat, swimming or sunbathing. Apart of water recreation facilities, guests are offered to ride horses or to attend to a carriage ride (caruta), to visit local sights places of interest, to hike or to ride a bicycle, to admire a folklore performance.

Tourism complexes offer their guests barbeque parties in the open to admire the divine Moldovan nature and organise group events (celebrations, conferences, dinners). One is also free to organise a day visit to such households without an overnight stay.


Every visitor who encounters Moldova is sure to mark generosity and hospitality of our nation, its sincerity and kindness. Therefore you will be talked to in common language, you will consume divine wine, you will be treated with mamaliga (national dish of maize) with a pork stew and cabbage rolls. You will hear stories about the history of one or another place, you will listen to national songs and music... Similar receptions are unforgettable! It is unlikely to encounter similar attitude in any other country of the globe!


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