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What is a dental Panoramic X-Ray that is necessary to receive a free treatment plan estimate?

Hello, My Friends.

What is Panoramic Dental X-Ray?

What is the difference between regular and Panoramic X-Ray?

Why it is so important?

How dangerous it is?

How much does it cost?

Where to do this type of Examination?

What is the Process itself?

These questions I will try to cover in this article.

Many people call our agency and straight try to explore our prices and duration of dental treatment. Of course, we are more than happy to help our potentials customers and ready to answer to any your questions, but the health of each individual patient is different, and we are not psychics and can’t threat remotely. Here we have a very useful examination that calls “Panoramic Dental X-Ray”. Using results (scans) of this modern investigation experienced Dental specialist could with very high accuracy make a diagnose and estimate the whole dental treatment.

What is Panoramic Dental X-Ray?

It is a (2D) two-dimensional dental x-ray examination that captures entire mouth in one image, including the teeth, lower and upper jaws, surrounding structures and tissues.

It allows for a Dental professional with high accuracy understand the particular situation and estimate and recommend to a patient all required steps. Even some potentially dangerous situation how it was in my case.

Why it is so important?

The next image is my personal Panoramic X-Ray and I didn't even think that my wisdom teeth have so weird positions:

Keeping growing they could damage my next teeth and I even couldn't feel it because they are in the gum. That is why it is so important at least once in your life make the same kind of examination.

How dangerous it is?

Panoramic dental x-ray procedure uses a very small dose of radiation to capture the entire mouth in one image. It is commonly performed by dentists and oral surgeons in everyday practice and may be used to plan treatment for dentures, braces, extractions and implants.

What is the difference between regular (bitewings) and Panoramic X-Ray?

Traditionally when you visit a dentist, you typically receive X-rays wherein a piece of plastic is placed inside your mouth to bite down on, and multiple pictures are taken that shows one or several teeth. Dentists often do several of these X-rays to identify conditions that may be affecting different parts of the mouth. And every single time it is the same level of radiation. You can easily see the big difference between these two types of examinations. Based on my personal experience a dental specialist can easily miss a potential problem.

Most dental clinics could not afford so expensive type of equipment. That is only one answer why they still use regular x-Ray.

How much does it cost?

In our clinic in Moldova (“Vivodent”) the price for full Panoramic X-ray is only £9. The problem is that to receive your first treatment plan estimate without visit Moldova you should finish this examination here in the UK. The average prices here are not very expensive (after my investigation it is between £15 and £40) but most of these clinics are not happy at all to make only simple Panoramic radiography. They clearly understand why people ask for an investigation and they try to extend your order, they offer to register in their clinic (£50) then they offer to you first visit their dentist (£120) they will find many excuses to not lose a patient and so on.

Where to do this type of investigation?

So, following from my previous paragraph it is not so easy to find a place in the UK to do this kind of examination. That is why I what kindly ask you, my readers, to share in comments your information about clinics around your location where we could pass this service. That will be very useful for all people. I will collect all clinics and share it on this page.

Using my own experience (I live in Northampton) I have found only one place where they agreed to do it without additional questions. But it was quite expensive (£50)

The clinic is located here:

"DSE Dental Practice"

20 Marriott St, Northampton NN2 6AW

What is the Process itself?


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