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Here is a list of expressions that are prohibited for use by the seller or buyer of real estate. They cannot be used, not because someone will punish you for it. The reason is that if you are selling real estate and say these phrases out loud, putting a certain meaning into your words, the second side of the dialogue deciphers a completely different meaning, and you do not achieve your goal

"I'm not in a hurry"

Absolutely failed phrase that the owners use. By saying this, people mean that if they rush, they risk losing money.

If I, as an owner, am in a hurry, then the buyer, using this alleged weakness of mine, will “bargain” me. And, conversely, if I am a buyer, then they will raise the price for me. Neither the first nor the second has anything to do with reality.

But what does the other side of the dialogue hear? The buyer instead of “I'm in no hurry” will hear: “I'm not going to sell this property. Maybe I will sell today, maybe in a year, and maybe never.”

What will the real estate agent hear? That he will not earn a penny in the near future and that there is no need to bring buyers to such an owner or take such a buyer to objects.

As a result, instead of defending your interests because of the phrase “I'm not in a hurry,” you will lose the deal!


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