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We are moving forward. New service - Health Diagnostic with "Center Diagnostic German"

Hello my friends. One more contract is signed. We are happy to present our new partner, the best health diagnostic center "Centru Diagnostic German". This contract opens a new opportunity for our customers to have a very high quality and affordable health diagnostic services.

Center Diagnostic German is founded in 2007. It is a medical center which uses European approach to its clients, due to modern medical equipment. It allows performing high-quality investigations through:

- Nuclear magnetic resonance – Siemens Magnetom Skyra 3 Tesla and Siemens Magnetom Avanto 1,5 Tesla;

- Computed tomography – Siemens Somatom Definition Edge 384 slice;

- Expert ultrasonography – Siemens Acuson S1000, Siemens Acuson Antares™, Siemens Acuson X300 and General Electric Voluson E8;

- Digital mammography – Siemens Mammomat 3000 Nova;

- Digital radiography – Siemens Axiom Iconos R100;

- Endoscopy – Olympus Evis Exera II high definition;

- Fibroscan – Ecosens;

- Laboratory – Roche, Siemens and Sysmex.

In 2012 Center Diagnostic German has expanded the range of investigations, provided to patients. It was created the Gynecology department, equipped with modern facilities for diagnostics and treatment.

Center Diagnostic German works closely with the most prestigious clinics of Germany and other European countries. A team of doctors within the institution regularly takes part in internships, training courses, courses of instruction and congresses held by the most renowned world’s experts in the field of diagnostic imaging.

In 2012 Center Diagnostic German has implemented quality management, according to ISO:9001 standards, which allows to operate under the highest quality standards.

Also, the Center Diagnostic German provides to patients the latest methods of neuroimaging, cardiovascular imaging, imaging of the abdomen and musculoskeletal system. At the same time, respect for people and the love for all we do are the values that guide the team of doctors of the center.


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